Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Tips on Being a Leader at a Time Being Inspiration

Remember when you were a kid, you idolize someone? For example idolize a character in films such as "Superman". And now when you're an adult, who you admire?

Each person must have an idolized figure. A leader is one obvious example that can inspire people - people around him if he plays well in his leadership. For instance the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno. He not only inspired the entire nation of Indonesia, even leaders - leaders from across the country also felt that Sukarno was someone who should be an inspiration.

Being a leader who can inspire indeed not a simple matter. Getting people to follow you does not necessarily make you serve as an inspiration. Here are tips on being a leader segaligus a source of inspiration:

Quality Self.
Being a leader means you have to have qualities that good. Not only the quality of a good self but the way you should be fine. Try to convince yourself "i have a great personality". You also can improve the quality of learning yourself, learning to see and listen to others.

Skill and Achievement
If you are an IT manager, then it is fitting that as long as you master this field you worked. In addition to excel in your field of work is also very necessary. Imagine if you're an IT manager but you do not know much about IT, plus it did not perform well, if you can inspire others? Do you want to listen to your subordinates?

Why is integrity important in leadership? Suitable answer to this question is that integrity will give strength to your words and your actions. So act according to what you say and use caution so that your leadership can work well.

Care and thank you
One important note to the leaders of the fact this is trivial but tremendous impact when it is done. Think about the people who understand the job and excel in the job. Give reward and thank you, today, tomorrow and later.

Learn to love
Success begins in your love for what you do. Begin to love your business, your employees, your customers, and importantly yourself.

Remember! The way we see ourselves has a lot to do with how we affect others.