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The importance of sports

why should sports?

Motion is the hallmark of life. There is no life without movement. What can I use to live if they are not able to move. Maintaining movement is to survive, improve motor skills are improving quality of life. Therefore: Move to more life, do not just move to be alive.

Sport is a series of body movements were organized and planned to maintain motion (survival) and improve motor skills (improving quality of life). As well as dining, sports is a necessity of life that are periodically; meaning sports as a tool to maintain and foster health, can not be abandoned. Sport is a tool to stimulate the growth and development of the physical, spiritual and social. -Anthropometris anatomical structures and physiological function, emotional stability and intellectual acumen and the ability to socialize with the real environment is superior to students who actively participated in the activities penjas-Or of the students who do not actively follow penjas-Or (Renstrom & Roux 1988, in ASWatson: Children in Sport in Bloomfield, J, Fricker PA and Fitch, KD, 1992).

Exercise increases the degree of Healthy Dynamic Health (Healthy in motion), it must be static Healthy (Healthy dikala silent), but not sure otherwise. Exercising: prevent disease, healthy and delicious! Lazy exercise: invite disease.
Not exercising: abandon yourself!

Busyness of life "Worldly" often leads people to be less motion, accompanied by stress can invite non-infectious diseases of which the most important is cardio-vascular disease (heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke). It is often found in the middle age groups, old and up, especially those not doing sports. Sports (Health): Lots of movement and freedom from stress, prevent disease and healthy! Sport is a necessity of life for people who want to think. God is not persecuting people, but man wrongs his own soul! Understanding this behavior and had to be inculcated from an early age, which is when they are at the level of basic education, both in the School of Public and at boarding school! How to serve penjas-Or at School and at boarding school should be able to make the student / students will be needed penjas-Or specifically for care and support for learning skills, so students / students will always welcome any subject come penjas-Or. Therefore has become a necessity, then they will feel aggrieved when subjects negated penjas-Or as happened during this when they will face the ultimate test. This requires teachers penjas-Or who knows the meaning of true penjas-Or in school and in the boarding school.

Concept Sports Health are: Solid motion, stress-free, short (just 10-30 minutes without stopping), adequate, massaal, easy, cheap, fun and physiological (beneficial and safe)! Massaal: Event friendship, enlightenment event stress, social communications arena! So Sports Health make people healthier Physical, Spiritual and Social Health is wholly appropriate concepts WHO Healthy! Adequate means sufficient, that is enough time (10-30 minutes without stopping) and sufficient in intensity. According to Cooper (1994), the intensity sufficient Sports Health is an exercise pulse rate reaches 65-80% DNM (maximal pulse: 220-age in years). The issue of adequate intensity should be a concern when Sports Health has achieved Goal-3 (see Target Sports Health).

Dynamic healthy can only be obtained if there is a will mendinamiskan themselves especially through Sport (Health). The law is: Who is eating, he is full! Who is process-his body, he is healthy! Unprocessed means ready wrapped! Sports Club is the Institute of Health Care (Dynamic) in the field. In connection with this, each General Education institutions and boarding lodges should also serves as the Institute for Health Care field, in the framework programs of the Sports Health-shaped Examples of exercises that can reach the Target-3 (Aerobiks) Morning Gymnastics is Indonesia series D (SPI -D). The series takes a SPI-D 1'45 ", so as to meet the criteria for adequate time SPI-D must be made at least 6x in a row without stopping, which will achieve a 10.5 minutes. According to the study, if the SPI-D carried out in earnest the intensity can achieve adequate levels of appropriate criteria Cooper. SPI-D these kinds of motion and order-the order was patterned remain so in the long run can be memorized Participants will sort and order-order motion. When participants had memorized, then stimulation of the thinking process is reduced. Therefore aerobics patterned generally are not fixed, it is better in terms of arousal to the thought process.

Characteristics of Sports Health.
Pesantai are people who do not do sports that tend to lack of motion. Instead Actors strenuous exercise to exercise more than its need for health care. So Performer Sports Health is a nothing short of motion but not too strenuous exercise participants. Sports are recommended for health purposes is motion-intensity activity a notch above the usual intensity of the movement exercise conducted for the purpose of implementation of the tasks of daily life (Blair, 1989 in Cooper, 1994). In Sports Health, each Party shall strive to follow best motion / instruction coach, but it certainly should be in accordance with their respective capabilities.

Sports Feature technically-physiological health are:
- Moves easily, so it can be followed by most people and the entire student / students in general (are massaal), so as to enrich and enhance the capacity and skills base motion, the motion necessary for the implementation of activities of daily living.
- Intensity, sub-maximal and homogeneous, not the maximum movements or maximum explosive movements (safety factor).
- Composed of units of motion that can be (intentionally) made to reach all the joints and muscles, and can be strung together to become a continuous movement (non-stop) - an important factor to be able to adjust the dose and intensity of exercise health.
- Stress-free (non-competitive)
- Held 3-5x/minggu (minimum 2x/minggu).
- Can achieve between 60-80% intensity pulse maximum (DNM) with age. DNM appropriate age = 220 - age in years. Each participant should know how to define and calculate the pulse of each exercise.
It should also be noted that until the age of about 14 years (the age of puberty) there should be no separation of students based on gender (Watson, 1992), because the new will have a significant impact on the age.

Target Sports Health.
- Goal-1: Maintain and enhance motor skills are still there, including maintaining and improving flexibility of and coordination skills.
- Objective 2: Improve the ability of muscles to improve movement skills further. Training is done by applying the principle of Pliometrik!.
- Goal-3: Maintain an adequate aerobic capacity or to ningkatkannya to achieve at least the category "medium".
It should be stressed once again that the Sports Health is a motion with moderate amounts of exercise, not strenuous exercise! So measuring is like eating: stop eating before satiety; do not eat because if they do not eat can be a pain, otherwise do not also overeating because overeating will invite disease. That is enough exercise (adequate), do not exercise because if you do not exercise easily become sick, otherwise if excessive exercise can cause pain!

Linking Health, Physical Education and Sport.
To further facilitate bahasannya need first quoted back the things mentioned below:
* Health and Wellness.
- Health is the foundation for all abilities physically, spiritually and socially.
- Maintain and improve health: the most important way, the cheapest and physiological is through sports.
- Reference is Healthy Healthy Session of the World Health Organization.
* Physical Education and Sports:
- Physical Education is education using the media Physical activity.
- Sports Physical training is
- Physical Education and Sport is the Physical Education and Training, which is within the scope of schooling / training schools mean Physical, Spiritual and Social toward better conditions are prosperous plenary (improving the quality of human resources).
* Sports - Motion:
- Motion is a hallmark of life.
- Maintaining movement is to survive.
- Improving the ability of motion is improving the quality of life.
- Sport is a series of body movements were organized and planned to increase the capacity of motion which means improved quality of life.
- Sports stimulating the growth and development of the physical, spiritual and social development towards prosperous plenary.
- Only people who want to move-exercise that will benefit from sports.
* Sports Health:
- Moderate intensity, a notch above the intensity of physical activity in daily life
- Improving the health of a dynamic - fit with motion capabilities that can meet the needs of everyday life movement.
- Equity solid motion, stress-free, short (just 30 minutes without stopping), easy, cheap, fun massaal, physiological (benefits and safe).
- Massaal: - Event friendship  Spiritual and Social Welfare
- Forums stress  Prosperity Spiritual Enlightenment
- Social communication event  Social Welfare
All three of the above are advocates for the health of WHO towards Prosperity Plenary.
- Health is the foundation for training Dynamic Sports Performance.
* Condition of Physical Education and Sport at the moment.
- Time available = 2 x 45 min / week
- Facilities - very limited infrastructure
- Curriculum penjas-Or more sports oriented Kecabangan:
1. Tends to individual achievement and tend to refer to
2. Expensive in terms of sporting achievement:
o Facilities - infrastructure
o Time, it needs a long period of training
o Power and cost.

Physical Education and Sport in Institutions should be focused on health and exercise to increase the degree of physical exercise and a healthy dynamic motor skills and better coordination, so that the students during the study had a better quality of life, and can be expected to be outstanding athlete and resource qualified human resources in the future.

1. Reorientation
Or as penjas-curricular program needs to be reviewed in relation to:
- Relevance to the needs of the student / students
- The expected benefits
- The real condition of schooling:
i. Ration time / hours of tuition per week
ii. Means - infrastructure available.
2. Repositioning
Penjas-Or to be returned on the basis of the position function is:
- Use of Sports / Physical Activity as a medium of education
- The use of sports as a training tool to maintain and improve the degree of dynamic sound into the condition Healthy Prosperous WHO plenary suit concept.
3. Revitalization and Re-actualizing
Penjas-Or in school and boarding school with a new orientation and position need to be encouraged back (revitalization) by emphasizing the concept of Sports Health (renewal) as the subject matter and presentation. Because of the duration of the implementation of the Healthy Sports sufficient 10-30 minutes, then the ration meeting 2 x 45 minutes / week, can be presented as a material for 2 sessions / week @ 30 minutes, thus meeting the minimum requirements of Sports Health.
4. Quality Officer
The success of the mission in the field is determined by the quality of the officer as well as his understanding of the meaning of penjas-Or for the Institute of Education as well as the sincerity and earnestness in the service.
5. Needs
Penjas-Or in school and boarding school should be perceived as a need by the student / students, so that they will feel aggrieved when subjects penjas-Or abolished.
6. Sports achievements
Kecabangan sport that is prestatif should be developed but should be placed as extra curricular materials, as the distribution of talent and interests of students / students.