Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

How to Open a NEW Chapter in the LOVE

How to Open a NEW Chapter in the LOVE

After a long break with a former lover. You may not be easy to find someone who matches your criteria. Perhaps without realizing it, you still can not forget your ex-spouse. There are several pandunan order to start dating again. Consider the following reviews.

1. Get rid of the former name of your mind, including the do not call and talk about it again. Erase the memories of the time with him, ranging from photos, gift items by number. Get rid of the physical objects that remind you of him may be easier than remove it from your memory, but rest assured that you can.

2. Do not let yourself suffer, if somewhere, you hear a song memories together, not to make you sad. Remember the things that do not need to remember is the more important.

3. If your ex has a new partner, keep your emotions. Hear the former already has a new date will help you escape from him. It is time for you to do the same thing. Open your heart to someone new.

4. Stop comparing. Never the feelings between you and your new date, either because you are comparing it to the former. So stop to compare it with your ex. They are certainly different, both physically, thinking or behavior.

5. Focus on yourself. You probably are not yet ready to accept new people. So do not force yourself to do something you do not like. Better, enjoy your own time and be happy.

6. Create a fantasy. Make a list of some of the kind of guy that you desire and tell this to your girlfriend. Who knew they had contact with the man who looked like you imagine.

7. Remember the bad things of him. It may not be a good deed, but can at least help you forget him. Find a place to vent if you typically ask for advice and vent on the former. Now is the time you are looking for someone as a new vent to provide support to you.

8. Not a problem for the weekend alone. Invite close friends to share the happiness, the feeling of losing friends will disappear by itself...

try it and make your day is awsome...