Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

10 ways to be successful

There are only two choices in life: to lead or be led. Being subordinates or superiors. If you choose to be a leader, you want to follow. Conversely, when you consciously choose to be subordinate, then you will automatically become a follower. So, what? Make your choice now. Because, if you are reluctant to be a leader, someone else will come forward. If you are reluctant to front, someone else will take the lead. Therefore, so head immediately. If not, you will be the tail for life.

The problem is, "Being a leader is not easy," thought some. Or, "Leading self was difficult, let alone lead others?" some others complained. What about you? Do you also think so? If not, congratulations! You deserve to advance. If your answer is yes, you should hurry to fix themselves. Options subordinate lifetime, not the best alternative for you. So, how to be a good leader? Come, let's share. You should try 10 powerful tactics to be a leader. Perhaps, you do not fit with the moves that I offer. Try it! After all, if you fail, at least you've tried. Teddy Rosevelt once declared, "He who does not make mistakes, it will not make any progress."

So, try it! Do not be afraid of. Do not be afraid to be a leader. No need to ask busy left-right, "Do I have the talent to be a leader?" Remember, no one person is born a leader. Well, here's 10 powerful tactics to be a leader.

1. Courageous Learning. Being a leader means consciously choosing to continue learning. John Wooden, a renowned basketball coach, told us, "What is important is what you learn after you know it all." What if someone had grabbed the top position in the company, masihkah must keep learning? Short answer: yes. It may be, you still need to learn about how to increase your income, or about how to lead subordinates who likes challenging boss. So, even if you have reached the desired position, even if you have earned a coveted position, you have to keep learning. Including learning from your subordinates, or to learn from the people you lead.

2. Learning initiative. Without the initiative, you will not grow. Not going anywhere. It will not reach the top. Perhaps you've already established, already comfortable in the position you occupy today. But, if you are constantly complacent, you get evicted others. So, continue to hone your initiative.

3. Learning discipline. Telisik yourself. Do you always come to work on time? Are you the type of person who appreciates the time? Do you often keep their word? Yes, discipline is the key to successful leaders. Remember, the first person you lead is yourself. If you fail to lead, how can you lead others?

4. Learn to build competence. People who have high competence, would go further. To be a leader, you must have this moment: Competence. If you build, you'll get it. To have it, you have to keep learning, keep growing, and continues to improve. Willa A. Fester enlighten us with the message, "Quality is never an accident. Quality is the result of a unanimous determination, sincere effort and hard work."

5. Learn to communicate. You may not reveal the company's needs, if you can not communicate. You can not tell, if you're hard to speak out. You can not ask, if you are not able to speak out. Thus, you need communication. Because, you can not run a company you lead, mobilize the people you lead, if you are not skilled at communicating.

6. Learn to build integrity. I am sure, you have integrity as a character, personality, and lifestyle. Honesty, courage, sincerity and hospitality is your integrity. Therefore, you deserve to be a leader. You deserve to be a role model. Because of a good leader is at once can be a role model.

7. Learn to build a relationship of harmony. Being a leader does not mean master. In fact, it could be, then serve. Being a leader is not always cursing. In fact, if necessary, provide motivation and inject vigor. Mawell borrow a phrase, "People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Or, maybe you need to listen to fatwas Ma'ruf Mushthofa Zurayq, "We often separated by boundaries, because we more diligently to build a wall, not a bridge."

8. Learn to listen. One time, Wodrow Wilson, former President of the United States, stated that, "The ear of a leader must be able to capture the sound of the crowd." If you intend to be a good leader, then be a good listener. Open your ears. Listen carefully. If you listen to the whispers of your employees, then you will not listen to their cries.

9. Learn responsibility. John C. Maxwell, on one occasion said, "A leader can forget anything but the final responsibility." Yes, a leader is the person in charge. When his men make mistakes, even fatal, he will not spill all the blame to the employees it. Instead of looking for a scapegoat, a good leader is busy introspection: Why do my employees do a lot of mistakes? A wise leader is usual embrace. Not cornering!

10. Learning to solve problems. The problem is not to be avoided, but to be resolved. Size of your success is determined by how well you complete the override issue. Dose of your greatness is determined by how powerful lead you resolve the problems you are facing.