Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

10 rare plants in the world

1. Most Tough Plants (Welwitschia Mirabilis)

It is a plant that plasticity is not cool, but Namibia's native plants was remarkable, just the only one! This plant has only two leaves and one stem and root system, it cuman ONLY! But two leaves continue to grow until eventually like Alien. The longer the stem of this plant will be more thick, but not raised, the maximum height of this plant is only 2 meters but can reach 8 feet wide. Age plants can reach 400 to 15 centuries!. Can survive without rain for the past 5 years! In addition, plants in the languages ​​referred Onyanga Namibia is apparently good to eat either eaten raw or cooked in the embers. O yes, the meaning of the name is Garlic Onyanga Desert!

2. Carnivore Plants (Dionaea muscipula)Plant this one is the most famous carnivorous plant, due to the activity and efficiency in trapping prey. Couple "Leaf" which is characteristic of this plant is a trap that has an ultra-sensitive hair, that can sense the existence of small animals or insects that come. Once the hair is touched leaves, then the leaves will close and trap any animal that approached him.
3. World's Largest Flower (Rafflesia arnoldii)Large flowers are rare extraordinary attention in the world. Imagine the size of the flowers that can reach one meter and its own weight can reach 8 kg to 12 kg. But the problem ndak fragrant smell, even closer to rotting meat. So this flower is called the corpse flower in our country, which is the natural habitat of this flower. These flowers will bloom a week or three days, and attracts insects to fertilize with the stench emitted by these flowers. Unfortunately, the results of fertilization, only 10-20 percent were successfully grown.
4. Dancing Plant (Desmodium Gyrans)Darwin named this plant as Hedysarum or Desmodium botanists call Gyrans, or more modern Codariocalyx Motorius. The name is commonly known is a Grass Dance (Dancing Grass) or Plant Semaphore (Semaphore Plant), because the movement of the leaves, which are similar to the hand movement sending semaphore signals. This plant is easy to grow skeali, just need sun and water without the need for complex fertilizers.
5. Tanaman Bola Baseball (Euphorbia Obesa)This plant is a plant endemic in the Great Karoo, South Africa. Because its funny, a lot of fans of this plant crops and eventually took mengkoleksinya, so the population is heavily damaged. Finally the plants are protected by the South African nation government.
6. Bunga Bangkai (Amorphophallus Titanum)Flowers are big this one is high, even higher than humans. Well .. This flower which was dubbed the corpse flower, because other than that it smells like a corpse, also mimics rotting flesh color. This interest was also widely known in the world as one of the plants native to Indonesia.

7. Bottle Tree (Boabab)This tree is a native plant of Madagascar, Africa and Australia. This tree is called the tree a bottle, because other than that it looks like a bottle, the tree was indeed able to save the up to 300 liters of water! So can grow up to 500 years!
8. Dragon Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari)The plant is native to the Socotra archipelago. This tree is known as the Dragon Blood Tree or Socotra Dragon Tree. Unique shape, like an umbrella, was just one of the unique tree. Name of the dragon's blood tree is apparently derived from the sap of this tree is red. Just like the blood dragon in Harry Potter, was 'dragon's blood' of the tree is useful for the treatment. Moreover, it turns red 'dragon's blood' tree is also commonly used as a natural red colorant.
9. Tanaman Kebangkitan (Selaginella Lepidophylla)Another name for this flower is a flower Jericho, a desert plant is known for its ability to survive even in times of drought. At the dry season, the stems will shrink and curl into a ball. And so there is water, the trunk was going to break away from the roll. This plant is commonly found in the Chihuahua desert.
10. Pohon Dinamit (Hura Brasiliensis)This plant turned out to be one of the plants from the Amazon rainforest. Other nicknames? Hell tree, there is also a dub or Sandbox Tree (sandbox tree). Just imagine, a sharp thorn covered stems, and have been that way, this tree sap turns poisonous and is widely used by the locals to poison their arrowheads. In addition, they also have fruit. And the fruit of this tree is not messing around, so ripe, the fruit of this tree will explode! Even the explosive power of this tree can injure humans and animals accidentally passing near this tree! hence its name Dynamite!