Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

How to Maintain Sanctity of Life?

Psalm 119:9-16.

            Josh McDowell, in his book, "Right from Wrong" writes that in a few years ago in the United States held a survey about teenagers life, and the results are as follows:
1000 unmarried teenage girl has become a mother
1106 teenage girls undergo abortion
4219 teenage venereal disease
500 adolescent drug use
The figures above happens every day and I am sure that this number is growing to this day. What about Christians? Not the least number of people who claim to be followers of God, but his life is still berkubangan in sin and sin.

Brother, before one repents and accepts Christ as his Savior, he probably did not think much about sin. For those who do not repent, sin is not a big problem to be avoided, perhaps even contrary to them, sin is like a close friend who is so familiar.

However, once a person believes in Jesus, so automatically he has been freed from sin and entered a different life, a life with God. Life with God is a life that is based to holiness. Therefore, the God we worship is a holy God, and therefore we also have to have a life of holiness.

But in this life, we must admit that it is not easy to keep alive remain holy before God. Often the temptation either of the flesh or of the world and the devil ensnare us to do something contrary to God's law, and obviously it would have been sinful!

Therefore, this morning we will see the word of God to see how we can maintain the sanctity of life in the presence of God?
1. Seek the Lord with all our hearts (v. 10)
          David is a man who loves the Lord. In the Psalms he wrote we can see how in him there is always a longing to know and seek God. Let's look at Psalm 27:4!
          That expression and the desire of David looking for in all his life, that seek and find God, nd he finally found God.

          We're in this era have been found God in a way more beautiful than David. We have found the Son of God awaited by David's. We have found the expected Redeemer by David. We have found the long-awaited Savior by David's.

          If at first, David was only able to look to the future with great hope to God to look forward to the coming Messiah, then we can now look back and stared at the extraordinary work done by our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. And on the cross, that we find our true God.

          Then what is the meaning of seeking God with all our heart in this life? Seek the Lord with all your heart that means always have the longing for God, or need God above everything in this world.

          And this includes everything, good hearts who is the center of emotions, feelings and trust us, and all of life and our lives as human beings. Or in other words, the whole of our lives as children of God we must point to always have a desire for a life pleasing to God.

          How to please God with our lives according to God's commandments. Jesus said in Matthew 22:37, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." And in another part of Jesus explains that, "If we say that we love God, then we will follow or do what commands. "
So, seek God with all our heart is to have a life that is always pleasing to God, is to do all His commandments.

How to maintain the sanctity of life?
2. By Saving the Word of God in the Hearts (v.11)
          How do we keep the word of God in our hearts? The trick is actually very, very simple, using our brains have the ability to collect and store the memory of the outstanding amount, including the word of God. Then we make the guidelines in this heart.

          However, the storage process would not exist if we had never read the Bible. Or we read it, but only in passing without interpret it with our sincerity. Therefore, in order that the word of God properly stored in our memory, let us not let lazy to read it every day!

          Saving God's word in our memory is a big advantage for ourselves. One is when we need a word, the Holy Spirit within us will remind us. When we are heavy laden, and we remember the words that say, "Come to Me are weary and heavy laden, I will give you rest." So our hearts be comforted. When we would lie or nggosip, then we remembered the word of the Lord, "Do not give false witness." So we are reminded by God and we are not lying. When we confuse the issues that repeatedly come in this life, then we remembered the word of the Lord, "Cast all your anxiety on Him, and He will give you rest." So we reminded by the word of God and feel God's guidance, and investment.

          So, actually without us knowing it, by keeping the word of God in our hearts the memory and it will make our lives closer to God. A proverb says, "The Bible keeps you from sin; sin keeps you from the bible." Means: the word of God will keep you not to sin; otherwise alienate or sin will keep you from God's Word.
Therefore, keep the word of God in our hearts is very important, as important as the light of the torch in the middle of a dark forest, which is to guide us towards the right path.

          However, it is unfortunate that we often do not see the benefits of reading and memorizing the word of God like this. Often, in the mind of our minds when asked to read and memorize the Word of God; it instead becomes a heavy burden that we become reluctant. Has not it?

In contrast to David. For him, the word of God in the heart keep making him able to continue praising God (v.12a). Not only that, verse 13 tells us that by storing the word in his heart, made David a man who was always happy to share the word of God. And finally in verse 14 it is said that he was happy for all the words that God commanded him. Even the excitement portrayed as someone who is getting a lot of property or if I may assume as the person who wins the lottery Rp. 1 Billion. How do you feel? Surely joy overflowing.

Illustration: There was a doctor and encim-encim!

And from David's expression, I see a big difference with us today. Many people who claim to be Christians, claim to love God, professing belief in Jesus, but never read the Bible at all, never try to memorize the Word of God, let alone to do so, he might even say Christian hard so many rules, many do not delish than delish, the intention is to commit sin.

Let us change our concept. Do not be lazy to read the word of God and try to memorize the Word of God to hold onto in life mister. And remember the word of God will keep us from sin, but rather sin will keep us from God's word.

How to maintain the sanctity of life?
3. With the Edict Pondering How precepts in the Word of God (v.15).
            God's precepts are moral rules or laws for the behavior of every human being. Those precepts given by God to man with a very clear purpose. God desires that through decree or law, human being a moral man, in holiness with love and in truth.

          Therefore, to achieve that goal we need to meditate on the Word of God. However, what does God's Word?

          There is some understanding of the meaning of God's Word. First, notice verse 15b. It says "And watch the street-Way." What does "watch"? It means paying attention or focus is entirely attentive or self to something in this paragraph focus our attention to His ways of God. In English sharper "pay attention to" as if it were paid in the form of attention!

          Secondly, the meaning of God's Word is meant to think constantly about the word of God. It means trying to find a deeper meaning about the truth of God's word and find new applications based on the truth of God's word. This can happen if there is a desire within us to study God's word in private with the help of spiritual books is good and biblical. Or gampangannya we explore the Bible!

          There is often a misconception in the church, that the deepening of the word of God is a servant of God's work alone. It's not right! We all demanded the same thing, which is constantly growing and one of them is to study the word of God more deeply.

          The third meaning, is to make the word a part of ourselves. In other words, make the word as a way of life or "the way of life." By making the word as a way of life, it is certain that our lives will be changed and others can see and feel it.

          There's a story. There was a king by the name of Frederick the Great that has a special hobby, which he liked to collect a large tall bodyguard.

          Any person applying to become pangawalnya must first undergo a period of orientation for a long time, and then interviewed by the king himself.

          One candidate is a Frenchman. He trembled with fear and not speak German very well. But he got the consolation of seniors. Senior said to her, "Do not worry. Asked by the King was always the same. First he asks, "How old are you?" And after that he will be asked, "since when did you get in the orientation?" And the last he will ask, "Are housing and your food well?" Was only to be asked by the king , easily anyway, says senior.
Finally, the candidate's nod. It is not difficult. To the first question he would reply, "twenty years my lord" and then the second question he would answer, "one month my lord." And the third question will be answered, "both of you."

          Finally he gets a turn to be interviewed by the king. But in'm definitely not at that time because the king to change the order of questions. Which king was first asked, "since when did you get in the orientation?" What pengawa candidate's responsibility? In accordance with hafalannya then aloud he said, "twenty years, my lord."

          King became confused, and the king asked him again, "How old are you?" Candidate answer according to hafalannya it again, he said "One month, my lord."

          King became increasingly confused, with little emotion he finally asked for the last time to a prospective guard, "Who among us crazy? You or me? "With loud because it was the king managed to answer all the questions, candidates bodyguard said," both my lord! "

          So mister, meditate on the Word of God that does not mean we just read a daily devotional this alone, but reflect on the word that means focusing more in the Word of God, in depth, and to be the culprit.

          These are the things that need to be done if we want to keep our lives in holiness before God, by Seeking the Lord With All the Heart, Save a Heart of God's Word and precepts Reflecting on God's Word.