Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

9 Most Expensive Ornamental Plants

Petrol may go up, but did not make the lovers of ornamental plants in the country to stop hunting collection. They still hunt ornamental plant that was the trend. The uniqueness of the plant making lover willing to spend much money. Want to know the plants that are now popular? know there are 9 plants that are now the most popular.

1. Phillodendrum Marbel Varigatha

From 9 of the most popular ornamental plants, only the future trend Anthurium longest, 2 years. Even dealers and collectors are still awaiting the public response to the largest exhibition in Banteng Square, Jakarta. Anthurium including the family Araceae. Plants that have unique advantages in leaves, beautiful and varied, it is still a family with several other ornamental plants are also popular, Aglonema, and Alokasia. With a large bone protruding leaves make this plant look stocky. Anthurium there are 1000 species, but only a few are popular. Among Anthurium Jenmanii, Wave of Love, Hookeri, Jenmanii Sawi, Anthurium Variegata, etc.. Most expensive of the types Jenmanii, can penetrate tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars. At Oasis Nursery Anthurium most expensive ever sold for 70 million dollars.

2. Aglaonema
Although the 2-year trend dominated Anthurium, Aglaonema can still steal the attention of lovers of ornamental plants. Especially after the farmers successfully crossed this plant with other types, thus giving birth to a new variant with leaf colors and patterns are diverse. Plants are familiarly called sri fortune consists of a variety of species. Chocin, Miss Thailand, Red Silver, Param Ruay, and the Pink Panther is a species that price is still expensive. Species whose price is already cheap Pride of Sumatra, Lady Valentine, and Donna Carmen.

3. Philodendron
Many are predicting the presence of Philodendron and Anthurium dominance will shift Aglaonema. Leaved philodendron which is included in the family Aracea. Philla beauty which in Greek means love not only the leaves, flowers and stems are also unique to impress. Philodendron including many types, but the cardinal of the most popular black. With a relatively cheap price compared Aglaonema and Anthurium, Philodendron be an alternative for plant lovers who can not afford expensive Aglaonema and Anthurium.

4. Sansevieria
Sansevieria popularity soar since the beginning of this year. Sansevieria the middle curve of sexy hotly discussed, both lovers of ornamental plants as well as merchants. Type being hunted that looks unique, rare alias variegata. The more unique and rare, meaning the more exclusive and more expensive. The most expensive type of Kirkii Silver Blue which break the 10 million per leaf.

5. Puring
Black horse, that's the right phrase to describe the Croton plant that is now the trend. How could I not? Croton once widely grown in the cemetery and no price now grade. Puring prices soar, even now stand in line with other expensive ornamental plants. Do not be surprised that the plant has another name Croton's decorating mansions. Croton is now so sought hobbyists kind Metals, Oscar, Kura, Red Aple, etc.. Puring strength lies in the color and shape of colorful leaves. The more unique, the more expensive.

6. Nepenthes
Nepenthes or familiar with the name Semar bags including monotypic family. Plants that once grew on the mountain has been berurbanisasi, embellished luxury housing. Its function is also double, other than as decoration also insecticides. Increasingly large pockets and patterned colors, means more expensive. Face value is the reason Semar bags in the woods hunting in Borneo now increasingly prevalent. Before buying, first identify the type of Nepenthes, because there are some types that can only be grown in the lowlands or otherwise.

7. Adenium
Stock Adenium now is the middle of a flood in the market of ornamental plants. Try to compare it with 2 or 3 years ago, the price is still quite expensive. But now the money 10 thousand, we can Adenium with nice color shades. With a $ 20 thousand, we have been able Adenium Harry Potter type or Peterpan. To get a yellow Adenium enough to pocket 50 thousand. And a year or two years ago is still kind of expensive. Even so, there are still many who value Adenium millions, even tens of millions. With its unique bulbs, plants can terkatrol prices high.

8. Kadaka
Trends in Anthurium membetot popularity Kadaka, Indonesia's distinctive leafy plants and big thick and grow in the forest. Kadaka dicuekin once hunted now. Kadaka are selling well Kadaka Osaka, Kadaka Snake, Kadaka curly. Kadaka uniqueness lies in the shape and size of leaves. The larger and unique shape, the more expensive.

9. Euphorbia
Shades of beautiful flowers and exotic plants make lovers forget the thorn stuck in the trunk of Euphorbia. Euphorbia type very much, from the local to imported, or in the cross. Because of the easy to plant, making the plant the price is quite cheap. Easy maintenance is also one of the reasons this Madagascar native plants favored.