Kamis, 28 Maret 2013


Each company in desperate need of an excellent leader and has strong skills.
Here's advice on how to become a leader in the organization and how you manage to get yourself into more valuable.
Notify Supervisor Currently Doing job Bottoms With Both
If someone is doing a remarkable job, notify their supervisor. Often face to face communication with good results, even an e-mail can be effective. Tell supervisors exactly what is done by the subordinate has a maximum or far above normal standards. This will affect the increased status of employees in the workplace and often so, and employees will eventually realize who give awards and recommendations.
Willing and Eager To Work Together With Tim
I used to be a loner and tend to avoid jobs that involve team work. Although eventually I realized that working in teams is the only opportunity to build strong relationships with the people around you. The more you participate in the team then it will be more and more who will see you as a reliable and trustworthy.
Take Part In Team - But Do not Be Dictator
My approach is very simple. If I were part of the newly formed team, I will immediately determine the pace and make plans, and then sending it to another for consideration. Unless someone tear it up, usually less than this will be the plan and I will be a recognized leader of the group.
You usually talk for those who are shy to speak up or express ideas, and they're having fun you are doing when you are not pushy about it. Normally I would do something like bring up a rough plan and told them, "This is my idea for how we handle this. How do you all?"
Participate Celebrating Achievement Achievement and Work Shirts
A man who once worked with I have a calendar where she kept the birthday of his friends and two types of their favorite products from vending machines. On the day of his birthday, he went to the machine and put $ 2 into it, and then handed over to his can of soda and a bag of snacks which are two of the favorite products with friends and said a big smile, "Happy birthday".
It's a small thing, but it has a deep meaning and very thoughtful. No wonder if he is well-liked by friends in the group and often their opinions are heard and respected every time he had an idea or plan. Also not surprisingly, he's doing very well in life now.
Take two minutes to recognize what has been achieved and that the spotlight lives of others. If you can, watch and browse through their experiences. Find a way to make everyone smile. Do this and you will always win.
Solving Problems Until Completed
If you find a problem you can easily solve, eat solve it. Do not worry about the political connotations or anything like that. If someone comes to you with a problem and you are able to finish it without too much effort, then finish the matter through.
The more often you resolve the problems that exist, the more people see you as a source of answers to solve the problem and they will be listened to advice you or anything you say.
Ask for Help
Sometimes there are times when you need help. Some people are afraid to show weakness and avoid asking for help unless it is really important. It does not make sense and will not be efficient. If there are certain elements that others can do much more easily than you can, ask them (unless, of course, it would be more work for them). If you have consistently helped others, by themselves they will help you.
Create Event Involving Employees
Be the person who can embrace the group for lunch. Involve yourself in work planning the office party - or even a chair. Plan a party for the people who will soon leave office. This does not mean you have to do it all yourself, but develop them on your own plan. People will see you as a person who takes charge - and such an event is easy to attract others to work together.
Relate Useful Advice
In this busy world, it's easy to say, "it looks nice!" when someone wants feedback on something. Instead, try to meditate for 10 minutes and tell them three things to support improvements. Before you express your needs dahulukanlah with honors, and then put forward three suggestions you with a clear and positive as possible, and end by saying something such as a desire to change something so good into something really great.
If your advice is really helpful, they will be back to see you as someone who can be relied upon even in a difficult situation though.
Tell me honestly - do Sifting through word
When you are asked for an opinion, say honestly, do not sort out the words. Your honest opinion is much more valuable than pretend to agree - even if it's bad, you should not feel offended. Usually I try his best praise, but if there are serious problems with what I have seen, I would say. If it does not say it will hurt co-workers (because they present a poor opinion) but from the point of the association, will hurt you (because you told them the poor is a good idea when the end is like throwing eggs to their faces).
It's the little things, when done every day it will make you indirectly become indispensable in the workplace, and as a person, people will see you as being a leader.