Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Build Thoughts to Become a Leader

Many of some people wanted to be a leader. However, on the basis of being a leader is not easy to take the experience and knowledge to become a better leader. Therefore, in this case to explain how to be a leader is to build a good thought.
Everyone is as a leader, both heads of state, corporate, manager of the leaders in home appliances and others. There's even a quote by kristian hardianto say that leadership is essentially the ability to influence it mean when a person can influence in terms of both ourselves and the other person is already a leader. In short if we can influence ourselves was a leader on ourselves.
Many people think that the leader himself was a difficult thing. Actually it is easy and possible to lead yourself. Due to the self alone any control over ourselves. For example, if you are lazy, then you immediately lazy. Vice versa if you want to work then you would be right to work.
The problem is, why do so many people fail to lead yourself? There are two things that make a person fails to lead yourself, the first thing he does not want to specify any thing, secondly he was wrong in determining pilihanya. Life is always offered a lot of choices. Just in determining the choice is a matter of our decisions in our own minds. If the mind is to choose activities that are positive then our brains will melogikakan positive that our actions, and vice versa. Here an important role in reaching a power of thought leadership.
The first step in achieving leadership is we must first be able to lead on ourselves. For example, once said aa gym, three things to build a strong state and a great start from the smallest, from ourselves and begin at this time. From the third case there is one thing that needs to be underlined, that start from ourselves. This proves that the self-leadership is a critical factor in achieving a greater leadership. How do we want to be the leader of an organization or country, so if we have not been able to lead ourselves.
In case this is an alpha character, namely Thomas Edison, he is one person who has the power of the mind is extraordinary. He experimented with the experience many times the failure to create the light bulb. Although it has suffered several failures but he still continues to try. If he chose to quit the experiment then what happens? certainly all the things that he found nothing at the moment. There are also many great world leaders who use the power of the mind so that he became a great leader that affect human civilization. Things like that exist because of persistence, perseverance, and perseverance.
There are three ways of thinking to be a leader, the first is thinking big. Success is not determined by the size of the thing thought. Would-be leaders are always thinking big things. Because by thinking big things that will influence the attitudes and behaviors that lead to the big things, too. The selection of these thoughts will be the magnet that will draw on the strength of what something cool. Thus, the action will be motivated to do big things.
Second, positive thinking. Thinking positive is not it just do not think negative or discard negative thoughts. However, if he could use the power of his mind to positive things so as to produce something productive positive thoughts always lead to an action to take advantage of everything that exists. Thus, for those who always think positive all there could always be something productive.
Third, forward thinking, ie thinking how to develop themselves by developing others first. This is true from the definition of "win-win". In a quote that was written by John Maxwell and Jim Dornan with a book called the strategy to success. He said that to be a good leader is to delude others, in other words when helping people succeed then we will succeed anyway.