Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

HOW to keep his LOVE for his WIFE

Tips and How To Grow And Maintain Sense To Love Couple

Tips and How to Grow and Maintain a Sense of Love To Couple --- Sometimes loving someone at the beginning of the meeting with a potential partner is so beautifully recorded in the liver. Intimacy and love are woven has made a pair like no matter what the environment. World was confined to two in all its splendor. But over time this relationship goes, there is little sense of boredom that continues to haunt the couple. Gradually ultimately a love that is fading and the days begin to be filled with a sense of confusion and sadness. Surely you do not want to experience it?

Especially for you who want to keep his love blossomed regular partner, Please feel free to listen to Love Tips Articles and Tips on How to Grow and Maintain a Sense of Love To the couple below.

1. Establish good communication
Quarrels and disputes between couples is normal in a relationship. Both hgubungan love during  courtship and love relationships of husband and wife. But never let the issue drag on. Therefore, try to establish good communication with your partner to solve the problem. One tip when starting to talk is to initiate the word 'I' instead of 'you' for example, "I'm sad when you talk like that," rather than "You make me feel stupid."

2. Always show my love
Do not hesitate to show your partner you love. The he should know, and vice versa. Do not underestimate the little things, even if limited to a kiss after waking up, or a pack of his favorite candy. In this way, you can continue to build on those feelings. Knowing spouse loves you will make you a more well loved. Therefore, do this continuously for Growing and Maintaining Love To Taste couple, that love itself remains blossom forever.

3. Ignore the evil and praise good of the couple
Many of the surviving spouse in a relationship for a long time because of a thing. They often believe and admire the best mate, always adored it and put aside the ugliness partner. You should also do this as well. Try to ignore the ugliness of her for a week and praised the excess. Although the couple did not show clearly on the bright side, you should be able to find and appreciate. If this can be felt by the couple, he must lambatlaun transformed for the better.

4. Exploration of the relationship beds
For married couples, the relationship beds could be one way of keeping love. You may even try to fuck one full week. Then compare with a few days without the marital relationship. You will know the difference and decide for regular sex with a partner. Remember, there are some of pasanagn bed prioritize relationships above all else. Therefore, on this also needs to be considered by couples who want to keep Growing and Maintaining Love To Taste couples.