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Medan City Beautification

Not felt, 23 years I have left a beloved hometown, Medan. There's not much I remember from my childhood in the city, besides the memories of my parents struggle here, compact fraternal relations in Medan, as well as the unforgettable experience of the mother, mugged in the area of ​​the old garden animals. There is a deep longing to visit the city again.

Due to the policy of the company, a long drive from Pekanbaru-Jakarta-Medan with iron bird I had been through and end at Medan Polonia airport. Though some airlines airlines actually provide direct flight from Pekanbaru-Medan. But, yes grateful alone, which can eat for free on the plane =).

No significant changes from the airport since our family to leave the field, in addition to adding some tickets and service facilities are also stalls airport. And the most risky is near the airport is now emerging elite estates average two-storey. Kinda spooky also see a situation like this, given in 2005, a plane crash hit residential areas around Padang Bulan, an area which is actually close to the airport. In addition, the number and level of noise from the airport activity certainly affect the quality of health of the local community. The plan, Polonia airport will be replaced by the position of Kuala Namu Airport located in Deli Serdang. Once, when I was hard to eat, the mother and father often took me to the airport. According to him, when he arrived at the airport, I immediately voracious appetite jaya (strange behavior .. =) ..).

Down the center of the old town down the field like that has been mixed with the modernization here and there. It can be seen in the Kesawan Square. This area has been known since ancient as the largest commercial center in Medan. Ethnic gathered here pretty complex, ranging from Indian, Chinese, Malay, Minang, Javanese and Batak. Old buildings which still survive among other London building Sumatra, which was once owned by a consortium of renowned estates Harrison & Crossfield Plc London, residence of Tjong A Fie (former captain and the richest man in Medan), Tip Top Café (known since colonial times to the present), as well as several other buildings. A few years ago, Kesawan Square jugz have food places like Kya-Kya in Surabaya. But now the site is not there anymore. As the bride is the Merdeka Walk food court every afternoon-evening as a place to unwind crowded field community.

Not far from Kesawan Square, there is an icon of the city of Medan, the Palace Maimoon. Nuanced Moorish palace, Europe, and the Malay Sultanate of Deli is a legacy that is still reigns. This building reflects the development of Islam in Sumatra that has modern, where the level of its architecture has been mixing some elements of world culture. In this Maimoon Palace, Sultan Deli family resided until this sat. In one corner of the palace, there is one part of the sacred cannon, the cannon butts were formerly divided into two, one at the deli, and another is in Tanah Karo. According to legend, this gun is the embodiment of the younger brother of Green Princess Royal Palace Haru Haru struggling to maintain a fleet of strikes Aceh. Because too often firing volleys, cannon gets hot and eventually split into two. Whatever the story, this palace is still showing the charm of past grandeur timeless period.

Been to Palace Maimoon less complete it if they do not stop at the Grand Mosque. People there often refer to it as Masjid Simpang Kingdom, as no building (possibly a restaurant Minang) called Simpang Raya was in front of him. If a motorcycle and betor (motor rickshaw) called the Mosque Sisingamangaraja. But the official name of this mosque is Masjid Al Ma'shun. Built by Sultan Ma'mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam in 1906 AD, the mosque is famous for its unique beauty and ornaments outside it. Blending style hodgepodge between Moor, India, Andalusia, and Europe, this mosque has also become one of the iconic Kingdom City, the nickname of the city of Medan. When Ramadan arrives, around the mosque standing tents authorized food vendors, and not infrequently there is a concert at Sri Garden Deli, which is right in front of him.

Seeing the many architectural styles blend and mixing of cultures of the world, reflects the strength of this city depends on the diversity of people who inhabit the city. This mix of cultures is also a form of survival of the famous character from the field. Field has now turned into a metropolis in northern parts of Sumatra. However, people still want to respect the remains of the past where the spirit of past glory accompany the heartbeat of this city. Terrain always makes me fond memories and wish to return. What is the reason? No reasons were complicated, because ".. It Medan, man ..! ..".

Flight attendant's voice that will soon be landing at Medan Polonia airport from the plane window visible row of the green hills in the distance slowly building row houses, highways and shopping centers look more vivid and feels even bigger aircraft just a few meters diatasanya when it's raining or the weather is less friendly landing course is not easy because that is the completion of the construction of a new airport in Kualanamu with a passenger capacity and larger aircraft should be expedited because it was too crowded Polonia airport received a boost passenger numbers and aircraft and the location close to the city center is less suitable as a international airport
Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province is the city where the business activity and trade developed rapidly away, because this is not surprising since ancient city of Medan is one of the commercial centers in the island of Sumatra is similar to other major cities in Indonesia during the morning when the school children and workers start its activities and lunch, and an afternoon at the home office there is congestion on the road protol and business district.
Generally, the purpose of coming to the city of Medan was to do binis very rarely do they enjoy the sights and culinary spread in Medan when the composition of the population consists of various ethnic groups of Malay, Batak, Chinese, Indian etc. and the influence of the Dutch colonial heritage look of buildings and other peninggalanm.
Tjong 1.Rumah Afie

In the 19th century in the city of Medan had lived a businessman of ethnic Tiongho beranama Tjong Afie time he was the richest man in the city of Medan and surrounding many companies especially oil and trade dimilikinya.pergaulannya very spacious with all the names and many old buildings that still stands to this day as Balikota Building (now a part of aston International Hotel Medan), building called Lonsum London Sumatra (Oil companies), Church Velangkanni berasitektur church like Hindu temples, is is he is
2.Istana Maimun

Maimun Palace located in the center of Medan is precisely in jl.brigjend Katamso witness the glory and greatness of the Malay sultanate of Deli Yang have ruled in Sumatra utara.Istana was built in the reign of Sultan Deli Malay sultans to 9 ma'moen Al Rashid Perkasa Alam. construction diarsiteki Zenie Royal Dutch captain named THVan Earp who was also the architect of this mosque be settled highway al mashun.istana built 25 August 1888 to present the palace is home courtiers and implementation of cultural events such as the removal of the sultan dll.istana also open to the public and can be visited every day from the start of open-afternoon 8:00 hari.mengunjungi this museum visitors will see a collection of relics Kesultana Delhi throne as sultan, photographs Deli Malay sultans and their families, furniture, etc. imperial flag.
Save the Cannon House Photo The Tank
Outside the palace there is a similar building bersitektur Malay house in which there are pieces of cannon which is associated with the legend of Princess Hijau.dari guard this place obtained information that the pieces of this gun is the embodiment of the old royal prince Deli during a war with the kingdom of Aceh's struggle for a Green Princess sister of the prince royal kingdom Lama.karena Deli Deli long been a losing battle with his power prince then transformed himself into a cannon continued firing until the royal troops in Aceh for too long often shoot guns incarnation as prince gets hot and cold water cannons doused it split and thrown where the front of the cannon was thrown and fell in Kampung Sukanalu Barus Ginger Tanah Karo district was part belalkangnya being kept at home berasitektur Malay dluar Maimun Palace.

3. Shri Mariamman Hindu Temple

In the 19 th century when the fragrant flowers fragrant cloves and tobacco leaf from the ground Deli became a much sought after commodity trade in Europe and providing a tremendous advantage for the Dutch East Indies government in large-bondonglah people from many nations come to the ground Deli complain of fortune and work in Tobacco plantations are abundant disini.diantara is pretty much coming from the regions of India, namely those who are Hindu.di tamil 1881 tamil community in Medan establish a temple to the goddess Kali.Kuil dipersembahkkan painted predominantly green color and is a Hindu temple Medan is the oldest in the region lies the village Rivet, right in the city center and the field surrounding the temple is also a culinary paradise in Medan
Eastern Mountain Buddhist 4.Vihara

Medan is also a place where many of our relatives lived there from the Chinese community in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, etc. that make up a typical community known as China Medan.tidaklah surprising that there are many religions worship one here Confucian temple / temple that should not be missed when visiting the city is the Temple Mount timur.Vihara field East Mountain is not only the largest Buddhist temple in the city field but also the largest on the island sumatera.Vihara monastery itself was built in the 1930's meant until now he was already more than 70 tahun.Vihara East Mountain is located in Jl.Hang Tuah and is just a memebelah Babura Riverside city medan.pemilihan this location may on the basis of fengshui which according to Fengshui building located near the river / water flow will take the place keberuntungan.meski restrictions do not exist for the worship of other faiths to come and take pictures in the temple.
5.Masjid highway Al Mashun

Masjid Al Mashun the highway, also known as the Mosque of Medan is located adjacent to the palace was built Maimun Palace August 26, 1888 and was inaugurated on 10 September 1909 Friday prayers. the architect of this mosque is a captain of the Dutch Zenie named THVan mosque was initiated by Sultan deli named Sultan Al rasyid Mighty ma'moen Alam.beliau meriupakan Malay rulers to a 9 empire Deli.bagi Medan Masjid mosque in addition to being a place of worship is also became the pride of the citizens with the palace Maimun field. in the mosque complex also contained the graves of the sultans and relatives this deli.mesjid Malay sultans always visited by people for worship as well as the tourists who marvel at the beauty and splendor of this masji.

6. London Sumatera Building

North Sumatra since the first is a growing region where many plantation-perkebuna n tobacco here evidence that we can see in the PT Lonsum (London Sumater). Building PT Lonsum the berasiktektuer Colonial Dutch-owned company of rubber plantation from the UK named Harrisons & Crossfield companyâ (H & C ) belongs pengusahja daniel Harrison.gedung Jl.Kesawan Lonsum located and easily accessible from Merdwka Walk (Center City culinary field.) In 1909 when Queen juliana birth coincided (Leader jobs Holland) was born dibangun.gedung building was finally finished it can be said the most modern in the city of Medan in its day because it was the first building to use the elevator in the Medan.
Bank Indonesia 7.Gedung

Right opposite the hotel as well as free walk and aston fields are whitewashed colonial buildings no one else is building an Indonesia bank building in the city Medan.menurut sejatrahnya building commenced operations on 30 July 1907 and is part of the De Javasche Bank (the central bank Dutch East Indies era) after the recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in 1949 this historic building tanh eventually become Bank Indonesia building the city field.
Field Post Office 8.Gedung

Given the field position as a trade and plantations are very busy in the past to facilitate communication and correspondence the Dutch government in 1911 set up a post office in the City of Medan.yang became the architect of the post office is Ir.S.Snurf of BOW (burgelijke Openbare Werken) or when Indonesianized a public works agency for the Dutch government to take photos house is very easy because of its location close to the railway station and the Medan Merdeka Walk.
Culinary Field
As well as the city of Medan Business is also known as a culinary paradise for food lovers go keKota Medan belumlengkaprasanaya bilabelum had tasted the culinary field and brought gifts for the family and colleagues
Roll 1.Bolu Jl.kruing Meranti 2 K Field

One hand pieces that should not be forgotten is the rolls of the field he heard his name of course we think the food is from the west but it's not entirely true eits even shaped cakes and rolls can say this is the Indonesian culinary creations that are tailored to the tongue Indonesia.ada many sellers rolls in the same field as penjul bakpia in Yogyakarta depends on individual taste in choosing but one seller in the field rolls are widely referenced and the authors themselves when buying should be willing to queue for a long time because of the large roll pembeli.Bolu is known as the roll Bolu Meranti is located at 2 K Medan.pembeli Jl.Kruing can choose various toppings for meses purchased rolls, cheese, chocolate, pineapple, Mokka or a combination of both.
Ambon 2.Bika Zulaikha
Buy Bika Ambon in Medan hah what's not wrong? Instead should be in Ambon
Until now not known with certainty culinary reasons named by name but certainly bika Ambon Ambon bika one characteristic culinary City Medan.sentra seller Jl.mojopahit Bika Mabon is located in the city of Medan in the region found many sellers bika ambon.salah one seller bika ambon chosen many consumers are Bika Ambon Jl.Mojopahait Zulaikha is located at 62 and 96 D, E, F Field
3. Soto morning light

Talking about soto would not count ptongan foods made from meat or cow Ayama our ears no soto Betawi, soto Kudus, Soto Bandung, soto Banjar but have you heard soto Medan.mungkin of us somewhat less familiar is because we rarely see the diner / stalls soto field outside the city of Medan Medan when the taste is very delicious soup will definitely hooked again for mencobanya.bagi who want to feel the pleasure of taste can visit Medan soto restaurant Jl.Sei Deli morning rays in 2-D / 1 Field
4. Mie Aceh Titi Dilapidated

The distance between Medan and Aceh province adjacent to participate in the deployment of one of the two culinary mie.Di Aceh Aceh delicacy known Mie Mie Aceh is also a place in the hearts of residents of the house eating noodles Medan.salah Aceh is widely recommended Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok.Rumah Jl.setiabudi eating located at 17 D field is always full of visitors there are various menu noodle noodles here are ptongan Aceh with shrimp, crab, meat or a combination simply chosen according to taste
Tip Top field 5.Restoran

Maxim is Saying history memories to remember and hard dilupakan.pepatah is very in tune with the reality of our times despite facing intense competition from restaurant / cafe / eating place serving dishes and modern atmosphere and fast resoran many long standing since decades past that still exist up and become one of the culinary tourism destination pity if missed.
One of them is a restaurant Tip-Top restaurant is located at Jl.ahmad Yani has stood since 1929 until now remained loyal customer visited a natural thing when you are going to see a couple oma and opa from the Netherlands who reminisce disini.bagi young calm because many young visitors and families at this restaurant that enjoys a variety of menu Wetern, Chinese and Indonesian concoction cook restaurant interior nuanced ini.tidak only classic and still be able to see the ancient calculating machine, harpsichord etc restaurant tip top still uses a wood stove with firewood as fuel something that has never changed since 1934 for cooking tarts, specolaas, moorkop, cone etc. resulting aroma and taste tempting.