Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

The beauty of the Thousand Islands Tourism

Hello my friend all the traveler? vacation time is going on where is this? if you are lost, you can find a list of tourist attractions in Indonesia Travel Warehouse's website. There are several tourist attractions in the previous article we discussed among other Fatahillah Museum, Ragunan Zoo, Ancol, and much more. This time we will also discuss another one of the cool sights in Jakarta. This very famous tourist spot, because not only the citizens of Jakarta are interested in visiting the sights this one. But many people outside the island Jakarta busy to come visit him. Moreover, if not the Thousand Islands.

pulau seribu pulau seribu

Maybe if you hear the name kepulau thousand, which occurred to you is a collection of thousands of puff kacil. But in fact, only one thousand islands consists of hundreds of islands only. The Thousand Islands is the name of one district. But from a group of islands in the district. There are several small islands that have very beautiful charm. The islands which is the tourism assets of the Thousand Islands regency.

On the islands there are 110 thousand island. Where most of the islands are being empowered and developed as local tourism assets. Due to an increase in tourism sector is also a lot of people around that are absorbed into the labor force. Local authorities also continue its efforts to develop the tourism sector in the thousand islands trying to keep to preserve nature and baharinya.

In the Thousand Islands, we can enjoy a variety of interesting actions like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming on a beautiful beach, and many other exciting activities. Ocean depths ranging from 0-40 feet thousand islands. With the crystal clear sea water and biodiversity that exist in these islands.

The tourists can also menikmat facilities like banana bout, bout glass, and underwater aquarium to enjoy the underwater beauty of the islands.

There are several islands that are a mainstay for this kepulau tours include Ayer Island, Angel Island, Bira Island, Pulau Kotok, Island in the Sun, Pantara Island, Rainbow Island, Island Princess, and Island Map. Those are some islands that have been used as a tourist adequate. so for those of you who want to enjoy the underwater beauty. wait no more, thousand island is a tourist attraction that the place for you.