Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

How to Develop Yourself to Have a Life of a Leader

1. Fix Small Things Once More
How do I start something?? We must start from small thing. Just as leadership, we have to start small and upgrade premises piecemeal. "Begin doing what's necessary, then do what you can do, and tiba2 you will be able to do what you could not have done". Napoleon said, "The only permanent conquest and leaves no regret is the conquest of self.

"What little leadership and specific steps can you take today?"

2. Instruments Leadership
Instruments versatile leader is communication. Currently leading the team, make the following guidelines as a standard for communicating with your subordinates:
Stay Consistent
Communicate Clearly
Courtesy Jagalak

"Look at this day whether your communication can create harmony with people you lead"

3. Wisdom
Wisdom is the ability to find the root of the problem and depends on intuition and a healthy mind and rational. Wisdom is needed to maximize effectiveness.
Find the root of the problem
Increase your ability to resolve the root of the problem
Evaluate your options to obtain maximum impact
Duplicate your chances

"Use wisdom today to position yourself and your team so that they can succeed"

4. You are your Lens
Who we are determines how you perceive things. We can not separate our identity from our perspective. The existence and our experiences color the way we see things. The way people look at each other is a reflection of themselves. If I was a person who could be trusted, I see others as people who can be trusted. If we transform ourselves and become as people we want, we will begin to see others from a new perspective.

"Take a good look your lens when interacting with others"

5. Character is Everything
What makes people want to follow a leader? Why is there a reluctance to comply with the chief, while he was in the spirit of following the lead of the other until the end of the world? The answer lies in the quality of the character of each person.
In addition, ukurang true leadership is the ability of our persuasion, no more and no less.

"Cultivate the character qualities needed to become a successful leader and strong-willed"

6. Developing Others
People who develop other people also appreciate their team
People who develop the values ​​of others appreciate what Sasama valued member of the team
People who develop others add value to his fellow team members
People who are developing others to make themselves become more valuable
Imagine how someone will appreciate our demonstrated strengths that have helped them and help them develop.

"Take specific steps to develop fellow team members today"

7. People Need to Know That They Useful
It is not a weakness to tell others that we appreciate them. It is a sign of security and strength. If we are honest about our need assistance, please notify the specific value they add, enter them when you team up to do something bigger, so people feel victorious.
Basically, everyone hungry for awards and recognition. When we interact with people, slow our pace among the crowd. Try to remember their name and take the time to show that we care about them.

"Tell the team members why they are valuable to you"

8. Power to Stay Focused
The key to being an effective leader is a priority and concentration. Effective leaders spend a lot of time to focus on what they can do well rather than on what they are doing wrong. Focus on our strengths and develop it. That's where time, energy, and resources should be devoted.

"Set your priorities and focus on your strengths today"

9. Your attitude Kelolah Every Day
Quote: We often give too much emphasis on decision-making, and too little on the management decisions we have made. When we wake up in the morning, we need to remind ourselves about the decisions that we have made to have a positive attitude. We need to manage our thinking and direct action to be consistent with our decisions. If we are responsible for our behavior, admits it can change the way we live, manage it every day, maintain and develop positive thoughts and habits, we can make the gesture menajadi greatest asset. That attitude can be a creator of meaning in our lives, opened the door and helped us overcome great obstacles.

"Resolve to always be good days, and then manage the decision all day"

10. Be Impressed, Not Impressive
If we want to influence other people, do not try to impress them. Pride is no more than a form of selfishness and pretense is just a way to keep people away so that they do not know who we really are. Instead of that, we let them memorable.
It's a matter of attitude. People who are charismatic, able to attract people to come closer, are those that focus on others, not yourself. They raise questions about others, and not on its own. They ask questions about other people. They listened. They do not try to be the center of attention and never pretend to perfect

"Take today to listen to others, and let them impress you"

11. Aiming at the goal
Vision is everything for a leader because a leader who leads visilah. Vision triggers and fuels in him, and move it forward. Vision serves as a trigger encouragement for others to follow the leader. Without a vision, someone will just spin in circles.
Appreciate the time.
If we can go anywhere, and where we want to go? Will we choose a goal and lead to the goal, or let yourself swept away with the tide, allowing others to decide where we will go. That choice is up to our own.

What are your specific goals in life? "

12. The essence of leadership
If we want to follow the leader, we must accept and agree on the concept of service. If our attitude is like being served and not served, we will soon reap the problem. If the service is not the concept of life, follow the following advice
Stop acting like a boss thd other people, start listening to them.
Stop focusing on the willingness of yourself, begin to take risks for the good of others.
Stop serving themselves and start serving others.

"Examine your motivation to lead others today"