Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

grandmother dead, revived

The small town in western Borneo
One small town in West Kalimantan, which has a population of china most people, but most people in the city do not believe in God, then a man of God to pray in the town'm going on tour Lord. Apparently God answered in a different way. One day the man of God was on the phone by someone from the hospital, to come there.

There's a sick grandmother in the hospital, was in the ICU, because severe illness he died. When he died he did not believe in Jesus, not a Christian.

After die from, morgue attendant came to take his body. About 14 minutes later, the guards came morgue, when entering the room saw this enhim get up and sit on the bed, mortuary, shocked and screaming to life.

Ketiaka grandmother back to life, from his mouth came out a compliment, he is not a Christian can know the song of praise. Then the grandchildren who from afar, as a Christian, he encouraged her to enter the room.

When she died
Grandma was told when he died, he saw his spirit lifted, while seeing the doctor came, his spirit continues to ascend to the eternal world, he was in a ravine, as seen to the bottom, he saw hell, and when he looked up , whose views are heaven, didingnya made ​​of gold.

Because he died he was picked up by a black-robed man, when the position is on the slopes of the encim. He would pull into the abyss at the devil who picked him. While on appeal, this grandmother tell me why I can not get into heaven above, I want to go there.

Why can not I go to heaven
Black-robed man who told him that, anyone who can go in there are people who believe in God as Lord and Savior, the two men who live according to the word of God, and the third is the name recorded in the Book of Life in the Kingdom of God.

When she was in drag, he heard a compliment from heaven, the song is "Abba, Father, it's me, your son, layakkanlah my whole life". When the grandmother, she mendegar song of heaven and join in singing the song.

In front of the door of heaven
What happened to the powers of darkness that want to attract him, suddenly fell down and his hands in spite of this enchim and grandmother ran to the front door of heaven. Arriving at the gate of heaven, the angel of the doorman told him, you can not get in, because you have not accepted the Lord Jesus, you have not been baptized yet, you have not done the Word of God, then you can not go to heaven.

Given life again
Grandma says, preach nothing to my Lord Jesus, angels can not say, but when before you came here, you instruct the Lord Jesus will be given the chance to live again to the world, for one week. After you come back to life you must repent, and live according to the Word of God. Once completed conveyed, angels say come back, then his soul back into the body.

family repent
After returning to his body, all the illnesses all disappeared, came back to life in a state sebuh. That night he was with his family, there are 74 people more, repent accept the Lord Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.

During the week they serve God, then it was time to come back, in the morning, he gathered all his family, and he said that my time has come, the angel who met me at the door of heaven gerban reactors came to pick me. While their families menyanyikkan praise "Abba, Father, it's me, your son, layakkanlah my whole life". My grandmother started membarinkan his body, and he died again, home to heaven by the angels of God in the shuttle.