Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

The beauty of the peep Asu Island in Indonesia

ASU is in Javanese language means dog, damn the cast to insult others in Javanese society, but in this damn Nias is the name of a small island with beautiful beaches.

Damn island is included in the Hinako islands and is one of the outer islands in Indonesia, this damn island area around 18km/segi with residents about 20 heads.

Location damn island is located in the district sirompu northern Sumatra Nias district. In this damn island tourists can do a variety of fun activities on the beach sunbathing among others, trakking around the island, swimming at the beach, to surf.

Although this damn island far from luxurious kata2 not mean lonely island visitors, the island is visited by many local tourists as well who want to enjoy peace mancanegara.

Damn island has crystal clear waters with clean white sand and gentle. coconut palms and waves splash make feel relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Waves in this damn island has a height of 3-4 meters, as well as the tourists should berhati2 because of this damn island has a sharp karang2. if you want to enjoy another adventure tourists can try trakking mengililingi damn this beautiful island.

For tourists the hobby offers good fishing boats can be rented by tourists. Fishing at night will be a different experience. sky without clouds and scattered bintang2 will be beautiful scenery at night.

To achieve this damn island tourists can use the plane from Medan Polonia airport to the airport Binaka SITOLI mountain. extending from the mountain tourist SITOLI sirombu journey, travel in the period around 1-2 hours. from sirombu there are 2 options for moving this damn island, namely: tourists can ride a regular board 30.000/orang be charged a fee in the period of 2 hours, as well as the second option tourists can ride speed boat takes only 40menit but will be more expensive cost that is 100,000

For accommodation and facilities available at this damn island cottages cottages tergantu moderately priced smart traveler offer or not, other than that damn island has warung2 eat to satisfy a hungry stomach tourists.