Senin, 27 Mei 2013

10 Ways to Remember things Quickly

Starting from personal difficulties because often forgotten (forgetful of infants, red, hehe), and then I try to meddle meddle google to tell me how that can remember things easily, and then I found this article.
Then the spirit of sharing, today I will menuliskannnya back together so that we can apply, remember!! fellow forgetful do not precede each other .. hehe ..
Well, the following 10 methods in order to memorize something.But earlier, be more pervasive and concentrated reading it, I suggest you to close the doors and windows (turn on the air conditioner if available), turn off your phone (how to use ON / OFF loh, not use a knife let alone killed burned) and read with full attention there.
The following list contains ten proven techniques to memorize information, ready??? Well, we go ... :
1. Do not allow yourself to be distractedWe already use this technique in the beginning of the article, ie. "Shut the door, turn off ..."You can not remember something if your mind is geared towards something else, the concentration is very important!
2. Learning MnemonicsMnemonic is a memory aid types that basically helps a person to memorize the data. The more information you need to keep in mind, mnemonic become more complex. The most common type of mnemonics in school is rhyme or poem ..
3. Thirty days in September ...Mnemonic is often used in school, why? Because it is very effective! It is an excellent way to remember a list of lists (like memorizing names of the months), and can be used for all other things as well. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean by using methods such as mnemonic rhymes used in schools
4. Create a form that contains the silly phraseSilly sentences what you want to ask? To clarify this, we take the example when we want to memorize 3 cities in Sweden (starting from the largest), Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The third city contains the first letters SGM, and we replace it with a silly sentence possible, such as: Simon Get Me .. :)This method is often used by magicians who memorize the order of cards or numbers randomly given.
5. Stands for Making Life EasierWould not you agree? We often say the UN, the U.S., etc. instead of the United Nations, and the United States (what made us choose a long word, make trouble for us).
6. Do it like a talk show host on the showAll TV-show host on using flashcards / small pieces of paper to help them remember the content of the show, this is a method that has been proven to bring back memories quickly.
7. Repeated until eneg ..For some reason, the phrase seems to emit negative emotions. It is like that done in an ad that aired extensively repeated. However, the use of tricks to help you remember information such as an advertisement that you remember.
8. Mind Map (Mind Mapping) - Find Your MindMake a map of your mind and use the mind map as often mungkin.Bagaimana create mind maps are good, you can either google, many specifically saying this. But essentially, mind mapping done by the people are super busy to help her stay focused on the goal of a job
9. Association - The Biggest SecretThis should be placed at the beginning of the article, as it is the biggest secret of all the effort given quickly. But okay, basically Association: is the art of connecting a piece of information for something else. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word SUMMER?Are you thinking about the heat, ice, holiday, swimming, or anything related to these activities? Suppose it first appeared was hot, because we are dealing with this word for a long summer, which naturally arise in our minds.This may be the biggest secret of memory around, learning how to associate the information you want to remember with a few pieces of information that you will not forget.
10. Always Explore New MethodYou have the freedom to explore their own about how quick recall in accordance with the experience of your life. The way you can develop in a unique way that other people may not ever imagine. The way it is definitely very effective for your own, but jangn stop to always use it and develop it for the better.