Senin, 27 Mei 2013

6 Tips for working in creative ways AMERICA

1. Ever heard craigslist and PennySaver? and address this one online classified ads most visited one. Starting from the sale, lease, employment Kismet, Kismet people and so on. Several times I tried to reply in the classifieds on Craigslist, there is an answer fairly well. from 20-30 reply back there may be 4-5, and if you can get a suitable job 1. It's just a numbers game, so do not be discouraged if not reply, send it on.
Pecelbule also start something Similar CariCariList, while it on facebook first. The same goal, to share job opportunities, business, find room, search officers and so forth. So please in support yah, in the LIKE on facebook - CariCariList

In the U.S. no such thing as an independent contractor (independent contractor - hahaha, just wrote the translation). If you hire based on this, you are not considered an employee / worker fixed. So you have to be responsible for their own tax report. Typically also, not asked all sorts, which is important you can work and do it right.

About what hard work get a easy, actually depends on our own efforts. Now the economy is not good anymore, but on the other hand there are jobs that actually thrive (fast forward) in this economy. Usually businesses that sell food and service are cheap.

2. Go to the Mall, go into the stores asked "Do you have an application for hiring?" Or "Are you guys hiring?", Usually in the "Cashier / Cashier '.

Mostly seasonal work in the Mall. Crowded months are: SUMMER (May-June-July) and the END of the year (Oct-Nov-Dec).

Habits of Americans is if Summer was jalan2 out, because anak2nya school holidays. So many tourist areas (local / international) such as malls, resorts, where brothels will be busy. If "End of year / Year end" started from Halloween (Oct. 30-31), Thanksgiving (end of November), Christmas (All December), & New year (late December). Big department stores (Macys, Sears, Bloomingdales, Target, Ross etc) going hiring seasonal part-time worker. So it wrote cuman season. Salary not how, but also good for if ever resume work in big company. If you are good works, there is a possibility in the hire for permanent workers, but the percentage is small.

mall-in-america 3. Take the local newspapers, magazines and publishing specific (keyword: local publisher)
Example: LATimes, LAweekly, PennySaver, Shi Jie Ri Bao (chinese daily news), news Asian (Filipino), El Hoy (Spanish), Pasadena Tribune, local Orange County, NY times, and so forth. The more local the better, because it means less frequent rival. :-) And also if you can speak Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese or Korean you're going to be more prominent and prioritized when applying for a job, funny huh? because all the average person can speak english, so for the more prominent if you can master one of the 5 major minority language in the U.S.. So starting from the Indo, start courses english, mandarin, cantonese, spanish, vietnamese or korean well. hahaha
For the issuance of Indonesia such as Indonesia Tell and yet many advertising media row. One thing that is a constraint, not many Indonesian community and not concentrated. And also this publication only 1x or 2x a month, and the price of the ad pairs as expensive as other local media advertising in a wider range. The response was so slow and making people more lazy advertised.
example: people want to move state / indo home, and want to sell barang2nya or want to find a nanny for the weekend for his parents who came from Indonesia. If we put an ad in a magazine about Indonesia's $ 100 dollars for 1 -2 times a month publication, and must wait for the magazine to read people (several weeks) means to get the fastest response around 2-3 months. Try to imagine it yourself.
According to my own, ads like these should be either free or very inexpensive, because the range and speed of penetration of these ads can not be compared to other local media advertising. This is what makes me excited to make CariCariList. CariCariList lifeline will help reach indo community in America, and it's FREE, FREE.
I long for the Indonesian community compact, do not care of race, religion, race anything. Can support each other, no mutual suspicion and support their communities. If you "agree" with me, please LIKE to yah in Pecelbule and CariCariList on facebook. We show that there are still many Indonesian people who "Idealists and forward-thinking" to his own people. Ethiopian people wrote there is "Little Ethiopia" you know, the Indonesian nobody tuh community, sadly deh.
hahaha, so long-winded lectures. But, this is one thing that needs to be discussed and to be prepared. Especially for Indonesian Community to come.

4. Make a Website to post your resume and portfolio (keyword: free website builder)
If you ever work and make something, create a website for your own. Seriously, it's really important and will also facilitate presenting ourselves to potential employers (internationally). Because the website can be accessed from around the world. Imagine is not it, if you still bawa2 resume in the bag, USB or laptop? if forgot / lost how? write your resume, take a picture / photo creations you. Be a pro-active, wait wait do not get a new answer to make a portfolio. Imagine you are in the United States to compete with people from all over the world.
In addition, the website also makes your resume or portfolio interactive. example: you keep the experience of the child / nanny, photos or videos with a wide range of baby, then make a slideshow in facebook or on your website. You like to cook, photo or video while you cook or you're cooking results. You are good at playing games, hahaha (yah wants) to make a youtube channel and post your high score on facebook. And so forth
to create a free website you can try to create with,,,, (and so forth)
5. Social networking started with Linkedin
Indonesia is the most widely person who receipts Facebook, Linkedin nah ever heard?
Linkedin is the most popular website specifically for white collar "office workers". Start is to make Linkedin Account, far away from the Indo. Start posting your resume and join with your specialty group on Linkedin. Network with people who have the same job as you. And more importantly, start Contributions (write comment, article, start a page etc) with your Linkedin community.
Many good blogs to understand about how to use this Linkedin, you can google / bing it yourself. This is one example
6. Search Agent to work (keyword: job agency)
Agent jobs in the United States there are many, of the specific office working (example: - accounting,,, etc.) to the local job agent in town that you live (should take yellowpages chinese, korean, filipino , vietnamese or at google / bing wrote, keyword: job agency) appeared Myspace deh.
Termnya is usually 10-20% of your salary for the first 3 months taken by the agency such as job compensation. You must learn to ask the obvious first, kerjaanya what and what their employers. Restaurant work and factory / manufacturing were all physical, so if you are not physically good, not taken. Later more expensive than the cost of drug income.